Thursday, August 13, 2009

Couldn't help noticing...

As I previously mentioned, whenever I am back at the HQ, I will be taking the KTM Komuter from Kepong Sentral to KL Sentral and vice-versa. Other than the times when my husband (then fiance') send and fetch me at work of course.

I couldn't help noticing the kind-hearted youngsters who I see every now and then offering seats to the elderly. This had happened too many times in front of my eyes (latest was yesterday when a handsome bloke offered a seat to an old lady who's roughly about 50+ of age). Not only that, you'd be surprised to see how gentleman and sweet Malaysian men really are... Don't always get them wrong, they don't offer you seats because they were hitting on you. They simply care, being the gentlemen they were! I actually experienced this once on my way to work. And witnessed many others as well.

My point is, us Malaysian, are still the polite, caring community. Why aren't we the same on the road? Why do the Malaysian drivers not apply the same concept and be selfish instead...

Anyway 'tis going to be a short one because I'm feeling very sick. Take care Malaysian,

- Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS -

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