Saturday, September 10, 2011

Medela Lanolin Tender Care - Miracle in a tube.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.  This post was written based on writer's own experience with the products.  Everyone's skins and healing process are different so do experiment and see what works best for you.

When I first started breastfeeding, one of the thing that I wasn't educated with was that you could get hurt when breastfeeding.  Yepp, that's right.  You could get hurt.  Most breastfeeding mothers have experienced cracked nipple once or more.  Only another breastfeeding mother who had experienced the same would understand the pain she is going through.  This is, believe me a common problem in breastfeeding.  How painful?  Believe me, if you're not strong enough to go through it you would've probably continue breastfeeding your baby.  I had gone through this several times and it involves tears and screaming.  But it didn't stop me from breastfeeding.  Understanding how it happens and the way to treat it will help you become stronger.

Cracked nipple can be bloody, or not.  It can worsen if not taken care of.  Discontinuing breastfeeding without knowing the facts might just hurt you.  Why not check out some information on Medela's website reading on, do take note that breastfeeding as often as possible will also help to heal, because your baby's saliva can help with healing. 

I got my first cracked nipp when Amani was 4 weeks.  I was still trying to get it right back then, so yeah, didn't quite get it right.  Plus all the breastfeeding issues then.  I went to the local clinic to get treated and the doctor gave me some breast pads and Palmer's Nursing Cream to be applied thrice a day.  I applied this for over a week and was breastfeeding with tears.  This, didn't work for me at all.  After a week I also tried applying after every breastfeeding session.  Nope, also didn't work.

I then contacted my breastpump supplier Ajasu and asked if she has any product which can help me solve the problem.  I seriously hadn't thought of her until my friend Timmy mentioned her!  She said why not ask Aja, she was sure Aja would have the famous Medela miracle cream, Lanolin.  So I emailed Ajasu and long story cut short, she sent me 2 small packs (the 0.3 oz pack- not the one in the photo) of Lanolin.  I applied the cream everytime after breastfeeding and it was indeed miracle!  I was healed the next day.  Yepp, the next day.  Fast, eh?  That's why I called this the miracle cream.  I instantly fell in love with this product and sworn to keep this with me.  It became handy every now and then when I had the same problem, tadaa...

2oz Lanolin Tender Care
It was useful when my baby had thrush and infected me as well!  It got very bad, and this time it took longer to heal.  I think it was 3 to 4 days.  Yepp, it was BAD, really.  I screamed during every feeding session.  The left breast was badly infected.  I didn't go to the doctor because I was in kampung and knew that I would have to go to the same doctor.  Same ol' same ol' you know what I mean.  So yes, Lanolin had once again became my saviour.  Just for info: Lanolin Tender Care soothes dry, sore and tender nipple.  It is available in 3 sizes: - 2.0 oz, 3.0 oz and 2 cc sachet.  You can read about it on Medela's website:- 

Until one day I realised the cream were all used up (half of it actually leaked out because of the package).  And this time I got another cracked nipp.  Bad one, again.  You would've thought that once you get use to breastfeeding, you got the technique right and the painful period would be gone, right?  Wrong.  My baby was teething and she just had to bite me really hard until I bleed and it was super BAD!  I didn't go to doctor.  I had visited doctors far too many times and I decided not to this time.  Besides I was always contemplating when it gets too private like this.  What was I gonna do to show the doctor how bad this was?  Unbuttoned my shirt?  I wasn't comfortable about it.  I tried the natural healing at first, remember, baby's saliva?  Just continue feeding and feeding and feeding.  Wow, I was tough.  Didn't work.  So this one evening I rushed to Mom's Care in Ikano Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara after work to get the nipp cream.  I needed something fast and was hoping to find Lanolin Tender Care.  Meanwhile I applied Palmer's cream just to ease the pain. 

When I got there, all they had was Purelan 100.  If I am not mistaken, this cream came out first before Lanolin.  This cream contains 100% pure lanolin which is useful for soothing sensitive nipple, and cracked and dry skin.  Apparently also works for baby's skin.  However it didn't work as fast as Lanolin Tender Care for me.  You know what I had to do.  I know what I had to do.  I contacted Ajasu again and asked her if she still has the Tender Care and that I needed the cream urgently.  Ajasu being the ever helpful and superb seller, she sent me the 2oz cream (above) and I was able to get a next day delivery.  I religiously applied Tender Care and tadaaaa.... Healed the next morning.  I seriously cannot thank Tender Care enough!  It will be my MUST HAVE in my bag!  Useful for emergency times you know. 

Anyway I remember asking Ajasu why Tender Care works faster than Purelan.  She mentioned that Tender Care has beta-glucan which assist to heal skin faster.  Oh miracle cream, I would never go through breastfeeding ever without you besides me.  That's for sure.  Mothers, do remember this:- be strong and never ever give up your breastfeeding due to problems such as this.  Know that there's a solution for all problems and know where to get help!  Don't let yourself suffer just because you are not sure of something.

Edit: Where can you purchase Medela Lanolin Tender Care in Malaysia?
I bought mine from Ajasu you can check out her post on this cream here:- (if this link doesn't work, please copy and paste into your browser.

If you happen to be in The Curve (or any other malls that have baby store) do enquire,  they may have Lanolin Tender Care.  Otherwise try asking what nursing cream they have, you might like to give it a try.  Who knows it might work for you.

Try also , , or just try Mr.Google.  He works miracle too sometimes.

If situation gets worse, do not hesitate to see a doctor, please.  It could be serious. 


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