Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is your husband perfect?

Can you, really have a perfect spouse? In my case a perfect husband. It really depends on how you define perfect - perfect to what extend.

Does your husband give you flowers? Does he surprise you with jewelleries and presents? Does he keep your bank account happy? Is he the oh so romantic husband that everyone else envies?  Is this how you define a perfect husband?

Or would you rather that your husband is unromantic but he understands you, helps you with house works, with your kids? Know when you need help? Does he take turns to look after the kids when they're sick?

If you see it from my point of view my husband is very much perfect. He helps around the house such as washing dishes, keeping my EBM into the freezer, he'll cook for me once a week, take out the garbage. He helps with the clothes, washes them, hangs them, folds them when needed. He also looks after Amani, plays with her, helps take her upstairs, carries her around knowing that my back aches. Look after her when I eat.

But my husband can also be 'un'-perfect on so many levels. For example, he only takes out the garbage every few days and not everyday as you would've done. He often forget to check the other EBM bottles and assume that I will often come back with 2 bottles of 5 ounces ONLY everytime. So if there's a third bottle with 3 ounces or more, he often forgets and left them in the bag. He doesn't hang clothes the way you want him to, and often washes the clothes wrongly though he knew that I separate my clothes by delicate, non-delicate and colours. He also sometimes forget that I am also tired from working and hungry too.

So do perfect husband really exist? Or is this what every women dream of and it remains as a dream? I personally think that if you re-define your level of perfection and I am sure you will find your perfect husband.
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