Friday, May 21, 2010

Citibank's response to my complaint email

Ahaaa.... Refer my post "Menggelegaknye hati dengan bank!!!!!" where I expressed my dissatisfaction in Citibank Malaysia.  Aku mention yang aku ada email kan complaint kan?  Diorang ada respond siang tadi...

Just to share la, yang ni diorang respond pulak.  Surat yang aku fax tu, haram takde sape pon nak respond.  Maybe aku patut email jugak, ape kata survey?

Email From Citibank:

Their email response:

Dear Ms Diana Abdul Molok,

Thank you for your e-mail to Citibank dated 5/20/10 regarding term loan

With regards to your e-mail, we sincerely apologize on the inconvenience
that has occurred. Thus, we would like to inform you that we have made
an arrangement for the term loan department in charged to contact you
and the report reference number raised to them is 210520101229344211
for their further necessary actions. One of their officers in charged
will call you back at your number: 017-XXXXXXX during normal working
hours within 3 working days maximum to advise/assist you further on this

Any inconvenience occurred is deeply regretted.

Thank you for using Citibank Online.

Jasmine Johan (Miss)
Internet Service Support
Citibank Berhad

My email to them:

I've been trying to be in touch with your term loan department but
none of my attempts succeeded today.  I am inquiring for the account
number 7016200050921.

As far as I am concerned as per my last payment made to Citibank, I
have already made full settlement of my term loan.  Your officer which
had accepted my receipt of payment via phone had agreed and promised
to send me a letter of settlement then.

But then today I am shocked with a letter of revised interest rate
sent to my address.  Therefore I demand to know what is the status of
my account, and how come my account is not closed as promised?

Appreciate if someone can call me on 017-XXXXXXX.  Clearly the attempt
to call you on 03-2383 4500 is a waste of my bill at the moment
because I keep getting answering machine!


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Diana Abdul Molok said...


I am not angry anymore. Received a call from Citibank this morning (I got 2 missed call from them), and according to the nice officer from Term Loan Dept named Shahril. He thankfully had managed to get a waiver of that RM29 and will fax me the release letter soon. Good guy this one. He had so much patience dealing with me.