Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My almost- preterm labour experience at 34th weeks...

I had gone through so much during my pregnancy, good and bad, and this one which happened this Monday 23rd was the most unforgettable! Yeah kind of take a while for me to update this blog, maklumla dengan raya and everything else going on around me.  Penat oke so memang takda masa nak update.  I will try to cut the story short, as long as I get to share this experience with the rest of you, 

That day, my baby's movement was less than six within 12 hours so I got a little worried.  I know I probably shouldn't worry too much, but with the abdominal pain I had been experiencing as well, and Urinary Tract Infection discovered several days before I think I had the reasons to be worried.  Hubby and I rushed home after work for iftar, performed our prayer and left the house to go to the hospital at around 8.30 pm.  We decided to go to Hospital Selayang which was the nearest hospital we knew, and previous experience with the hospital were also taken into consideration.  

15 minutes later we arrived at the O&G department of Hospital Selayang and was greeted badly by the nurse stationed at the receptionist.  This lady with a heavy Kelantanese accent asked what was wrong and went through my check up history and commented on how I had calculated the fetal movement wrongly (believe me I didn't - she was just talking bullshit because I checked with the doctor afterwards).  This lady nurse function was probably to minimize the number of people reporting to O&G... Possibly, you never know with the government hospital.  But this one made you feel like smashing her head to the wall and if this is what you meet at the door of a government hospital, people will definitely have that stereotyped opinion about the hospital. I just couldn't emotionally handle her, so while answering her shits, tears were running down my cheek.  Real bitch I tell 'ya.

Then we went up to the O&G and proceeded straight to the registration area.  The nurses in charged were young and friendly, nothing like the one you see downstairs.  The doctor was ready to see me within 15-20 minutes.  Believe me, kalau kat government hospital, itu dah kira cukup baik.  Stories cut short, they checked my baby's heart rate and it was fine, and then performed a stomach and vaginal examination to see how much I was dilated.  Tak pasti pun kalau itu adalah the right terms but whatever it was, it hurts hehehe... They discovered the abdominal pain I had was actually a contraction and that my cervix was only 1 cm dilated.  While the doctors were talking and the nurses were preparing some stuff I was listening but couldn't understand a word of medical.  Shit.  They were still discussing and took me for an ultrasound.  In the ultrasound room, then the doctor explained what was going on.  

Here's what happened,
  • The pain I had was actually a contraction. It was regular, I had 5 contractions in 10 minutes as per the nurses examination.  Preterm labour pain. 
  • My baby was only 34 weeks, and is at a premature stage.  My cervix opening was only 1cm.  Therefore the doctor concluded that they should try to stop the contraction.  However at the same time they were to prepare for the baby to come anyway should the contraction didn't stop.   

It was decided that I am in good health, with a steady blood pressure and no other complications therefore they were to perform two procedures, (i) 'locolize' me which apparently means that they try to stop the contraction and (ii) inject some substances to mature the baby's lung to prepare her for birth.  Doctor explained that if they succeeded in stopping the contraction, I can go home after 2 days and baby stays in the womb.  However if I go home and the pain comes back, I should immediately come back and they will not stop the labour.  
So that night I stayed in labour before being transferred to the ward for further monitoring the next day.  They prescribed two yellow pills which I took every 10 minutes, monitored my blood pressure every half an hour, and a nurse was with me to monitor baby's heartbeat and the contraction every 10 minutes as well.  Hubby patiently waited next to my bed, and was with me the whole time.  

The injection for the baby's lung were given twice, one at 9 pm that same night and another one at 9 am the next morning.   It was owh so numbingly painful, especially the second shots because it was tripled dose due to my lower blood pressure in the next morning.  The doctors and nurses at Hospital Selayang had been so helpful and friendly.  The pain went away with much encouragement from them and hubby.  

Other than my own 'little case', I overheard some two or three women in labour that same night giving birth to beautiful babies.  I wasn't emotionally ready so this particular episode had totally frightened me and brought tears to my eyes several time.  

After being transferred to the ward the next morning and further monitoring was done, the contraction finally stopped.  I was so relieved that baby had another chance to be in mummy's womb and grow healthy and well until the time really comes.  Allah is great, He saved my baby from any risk of preterm labour and I was so grateful!
The experience was priceless.  I will never forget the feelings, the pain and everything else that happened.  I am now 36 going on 37 weeks and baby is still here in my tummy.  I hope only for the best, and when the time really comes, and baby and my body is ready, birth will take place.   

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