Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To cloth diapers or not...

Hehe mommy is making an important decision here. Was browsing through www.mybbstore.com for Avent 3+ teat and saw some pretty cloth diapers.

Some help, please? To cloth diapers or not to... I have thought of the pros n cons. Of course, if I were to go for cloth diapers for my baby, it will only be during the night. Though I am not sure whether it really will last through the night without any hassle of getting up to change. For now I am not quite convinced, but if you are familiar with them, may you please drop me a comment or email me?

For now am just going to share 'the goods' and 'the bads' that I have in mind:

The good...
1) Environmental friendly
2) Cheaper in the long run
3) Good for baby's sensitive skin

The bad
1) Inconvenience in terms of (i) Washing (ii) Changing inserts
2) Start up cost is actually quite a lot. On average RM50 each for a good quality diapers?
3) Is it leaak proof?

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