Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Semalam jumpa my friends dari tempat kerja lama. Memang dah sangat sangat lama tak lepak dengan diorang. Aduhai such a short time we had but I couldn't help thinking how lucky I am to have met such a wonderful group of people. Beautiful, inside out.

Ain't it funny how people made a big impact on your life. Don't matter if they are friends, colleagues, schoolmates, your local rojak hawker,that person sitting next to you on the lrt. The nice one, the not so nice one, the devil you would love to hate. But there are indeed differences between allof those with what you call friends. A colleague may eventually be your friend or stay a colleague forever.

Kembali ke kisah these wonderful girls I have met in my journey to finding a perfect career. They are the most non-judgemental, pure kindness and honesty that words cannot define. You can be a non-hijabi, wear tight clothes, drink alcohol, smoke cigarette and they still won't judge you. You are not befriended for what you have or what you don't, or what you are or aren't. You can mingle with them and still be you. They don't care about your body weight or if you are up to their level of thinking. These are positive people who shares stories, knowledge, views without boundary.

Isn't life wonderful if you see more and more people like this.

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