Friday, February 22, 2013


How could anyone not love Friday. It means weekend is just around the corner, oh how oh how I am looking forward to the weekend to rest. And I mean it, really rest. My whole body is aching, my ankles are swollen (they had swell since week 27 anyway), I have a girl who is always dying for my attention, my work is more demanding than ever. I feel.... restless?  EH, but that doesn't mean I am ungrateful, Ok?  Please don't judge.  I am more than grateful that I am pregnant, even more grateful that I have to babies growing inside of me.  My weight, is already at its most impossible, XXkg.  

Anyway today felt like a bad start, I woke up feeling unwell but can't go on medical leave.  This is to ensure I score my KPI, just so that you know the Company where I work, they include MCs and ELs inside your KPI.  Yes, such a small percentage but it does affect your performance.  How very unfair?  

Then I got stucked in massive traffic, from Taming Jaya there was an accident, and knowing Malaysian they pay an awful lodsa attention to accidents.  Without the attention to help.  Some even made the effort to take out their smartphone, snap a photo or two and upload them onto FB or twitter.  How silly.  As if it was a bad omen, the massive traffic continued all the way to Besraya toll, to the exit of Sg. Besi which thankfully is not my route because I went left.  It was smooth for a while until the Kuchai Lama exit all the way to Taman Desa exit.  My body can't take it, obviously.  

I got to the office, waited for the lift and two trips before the one I took was full.  So when an empty one came, everybody rushed in.  I got pushed aside by a lady.  Kurang ajar.  Kau tolak mak buyong ye?  Nak tengok kurang ajar aku pulak???? Since I was carrying a trolley laptop bag, I used it to pay revenge *evil laugh*.  You could've guessed what I did, right?

Then I got inside our audit room, rushed to open my breakfast.  Even more disappointing, what I found was that they got my order wrong!!!

I ordered a sausage McMuffin with Egg, but mine came without the egg.  No wonder the guy asked my husband to repeat 3 times, when Mr Ah Bob was more than clear about the order.  Disappointing.  Couldn't complaint because we bought this at McD's Bdr Tun Hussein Onn, and now I am at Jalan Klang Lama.  *Sad face*

Anywayyyyyyyyyyy that's me complaining first thing on a Friday morning.  Takpalahhhhhh work several hours and then we go home and meet my lil munchkin and be happy, kay?  Happy Friday people.

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