Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 4 @ NICU

So it has been 4 days. 4 days that had passed very slowly. Seriously, aku duduk termenung, berfikir, runsing, tak tentu arah, emosi. But I am praying for only the best.

Now both girls are off the ventilator but still requiring oxygen support. Both had started feeding and one of them (the younger twin) did not tolerate formula. So now Mommy is pumping every 2 hours or so. Both of them also had jaundice but it wasn't severe. The younger one, is also still in the incubator because her birth weight was only 1.4kg. The elder, weight 1.49kg so she skipped the incubator already.

I really hope for the best right now. Being in the NICU and sharing experiences with other mommies had made me realised that I am one of the lucky few. You know why? My daughters weren't so bad. They weighted above 1kg, of the prem were barely 50kg. As of now, they didn't have any lungs or heart problem like the children of the other two mommies I knew. Tapi iyelah, naluri ibu. Ibu mana yang tak sedih bila anak-2 sakit dan tak dapat melalui saat kelahiran macam orang lain, ye tak?

Anyway, I will keep updating here. No photos yet, as I don't have the heart to show their photos with wires all around them. Let's be sure they're both alright first then we go crazy showing pictures. What I need now are prayers that everything will be alright, so please please please do that for me.

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