Saturday, March 16, 2013

The big sister

The common question, the one many had asked after I safely delivered my twins, Zehra and Adrina (they haven't been properly introduced yet..we'll do that once both of them are out) - how is the big sister doing? Ayesha macamana? Ok ke?

Hehehe a tough question to answer. Adik- adik haven't been home yet so we can't really tell how she feels. I know, though she didn't like the fact that Mommy is 'sick'. She cried terribly the first night, had high fever the following night and 3 days straight. She didn't like it that everyone is telling her not to disturb Mommy, because Mommy tak sihat. Hahahah.

Oh, but she knew now she had Adik, whatever that means to her la kan? She told me her adik is sick, so Mommy goes to hospital to visit Adik. She even stopped kissing my tummy, I think she realised the babies are no longer in there! Perut Mom dah kempis laaaa. Ah well, not totally tapi taklah macam still preggy haha.

Her actual reaction will remain a question until the sisters are back. But I think she makes a great big sister :-) , just how she is cemerlang as a daughter.


Dee's said...

Hai babe, congrates on ur delivery! Tahniah...Me myself je yang still counting weeks..hahahaah..i am at 37 weeks currently.. take care ya! Hope twins will be fine, insyaAllah (pray for u)

Diana Abdul Molok said...

U take care too! wish u all the best!