Sunday, May 19, 2013

The proper introduction

Ok as promised in my previous entries, here I am giving you a proper introduction of  the twins :-)

Meet the first twin, Zehra Amani.  Born 8 March 2013 at 8:51 am.  Her birth weight was 1.49 kg and was 42 cm in length.  Zehra means flower and Amani means prosperous, aspirations.  We decided the name suits her because she was oh so beautiful in our eyes when we first saw her.  We knew she was Zehra.

Zehra was ventilated for several days of birth and required oxygen support longer than her second twin.  Her lungs was, according to the doctor a bit weak thus requiring support until she was able to breathe on her own.  She also only started feeding after the fifth day, and was fed very little at first.  However to our surprise she was the first to leave the incubator, quickly gained weight and was only at the NICU for 28 days.  She was back home first, leaving her sister in the NICU.  

Here is the second twin.  We named her Adrina Amani.  She was 1.4kg and 41 cm in length.  We chose this name for her because she was always so smiley, so picked the name Adrina which means happiness.  She brings happiness into our home.   
 She was the stronger one then, according to the paediatrician.  She was ventilated for a day, and with oxygen support for 8 days only.  However her weight gain was very slow.  She couldn't tolerate feeding and has been having severe vomiting until now.  But she has gained weight well these days.  she is already 3kg, looking chubby and one happy baby.  Ah well, except for when she's hungry!

So there!  A short meet the twins entry.  Taaa.

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