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Medela Mini E vs Medela Swing vs Medela Freestyle

"Only you can provide what's best for your baby" -

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  Writer shares product information based on her knowledge, from her own experience, to help readers obtain more information about the breastpump.

I was introduced to Medela by a friend when I planned to breastfeed my first baby, and fell instantly in love with the brand.  In this entry, I will try to make a comparison between the three medela breastpump that I had tried.  Hope this helps if any of you are in doubt of which (Medela) breastpump to get.
Function/ Features
Mini Electric
Price Range (RM)
(See Note #1)
300+ to 400+ 600+ to 700+ 1300+ to 1800+
Electric/ Battery Powered Electric/ 2x AA battery Electric/ 4x AA battery Electric/ Rechargeable battery
Double Pump/ Single Pump Single Single
(See Note #2)
Electric/ Rechargeable battery
Single phase/ 2 phase expression
(See Note #3)
1 phase - gentle and efficient expression. 2 phase - Simulate, then express 2 phase - simulate then express
Hands-free function No No Yes
Memory function No No Yes
Electronic timer No No Yes
Heavy/ Lightweight Lightweight. Lightweight. Lightweight.
Adjustable speed and vacum for comfort Yes Yes Yes
Noise Level
(1 to 3 , 3 being the loudest)
3 - Loud motor sound 2 3 - Smooth suction sound
Breastshield available in sizes Yes Yes Yes
Easy assembly Yes Yes Yes
BPA-free parts Yes Yes Yes
Spare parts replacement in Malaysia Available Available Available

Note #1:  Varies by supplier, depending on the packages they offer.
Note #2:  Swing also has its own version of double pump, which I had never tried.  I think it is called Swing Maxi.  Its price range from 1300++ to 1400++ (Malaysian Ringgit/RM).
Note #3:  This means, suction immitates baby's suction.  Babies suck fast and light at first to simulate milk.  When let down starts, babies will suck deeper and slower to bring out more milk. 
Extra notes from Mommy D:
#  Ok, what mommies out there need to keep in mind is that, a good pump MATTERS in breastfeeding, especially if you're a working mommy.  You want to avoid painful, stressful, and exhausting pumping experience, because trust me, it will put you down.
#  Yes, you can take supplement or eat milk booster food to increase milk supply, but most importantly is to PUMP OFTEN.  Milk booster is useless if you can't pump often enough.
So there you go.  Let me know if there is anything I should add :-)

There were questions if pumping using electric/ battery- operated pump hurts?  For me, that will depend on the type of pump used, and also size of breastshield.  Medela breastpump has a personalised breastshield size, i.e. the one that will fit according to your nipple size.  I am not sure if other breastpump has the same, so I can't answer that part.  

Read about breastshield here and here is the guideline to the right size of breastshield.

To compare between the 3 pumps, I think Mini E caused me a slight pain in the nipple area.  I believe this was because of the suction, heck I don't know, actually?  But it sure did work to express the milk and do wonders :-)  Swing and Freestyle, on the other hand were so comfortable you'd fall in love with them instantly.

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