Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yang tinggal

This week twins tinggalkan Mommy lagi *sad face*.  Seminggu duduk dengan I, and balik kampung sampai end of this month.  Erghhh can't wait for July, inshaAllah if their health is much better, diorang akan balik sini tinggal dengan Mommy. 

Ohhh kenapa perasaan I ni macam, bila twins jauh they'll forget about me and love me less?  But like husband said, use this few weeks to rest properly.  He said I never rested since the twins were born, but the eyes just won't close.  I miss them so bad larrr...

Of course, the one enjoying the moment is the Kakak la hehehe.  She gets all the love and attention now that twins are in Kampung :p

My sugar candy who loves her Elmo PJ and made us bought her several pairs.
Kakak yang perasan shomeeelll, wangiiii, dan cantik.  Hehehe.  She asked about adik- adik for a few times and once she noticed she was getting all the attention, she didn't seem to care anymore LOL.

Dan yang tinggal bersama Mommy for now, is empty cot, bantal busuk anak- anak, dan gambar buat tatapan.  Below, the twins photos, who now weight 4.5kg (Zehra) and 3.8kg (Adrina).  They are now, 3 months according to their birth date, and 1 month according to their corrected age.

Zehra Amani - on our way to the hospital for check up.

Adrina Amani - on our way to hospital for check up.



Twins during checkup on 4 Jun 2013.

Twins during checkup on 6 Jun 2013.

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