Thursday, November 28, 2013

Baby Bump?

You have no idea how many people had come up to me asking if I was pregnant.  Those who knew I was pregnant with the twins included.  I was even offered a seat in the train once when I came back from maternity leave.

Sumpah.... this ain't no baby bump, people. My post maternity belly was this bad this time around.   I didn't lose much weight this time.  I don't actually mind that much but people are making such a big fuss out if it, I wonder if they even have the rights to.

It has been ALMOST 9 months, the post maternity belly is still here.  Tapi, I am just going to hold on to what the doctor's told me.  1) my belly expanded twice as much this time.  It will take probably twice as long to rid of the belly.  If you didn't have twins, you probably wouldn't know. 2) in a normal single pregnancy,  it takes 2 years for your womb to heal.  Untuk rahim properly kecut lah katanya.  The doctor said with twins, I should be looking at 4 years.   The truth in this, I am not sure myself hahahaa.  But I am holding on to it so that's a good sign right.  I wonder if it will take me 4 years to properly lose that post maternity belly.  What the heck if it does because I would probably be having another child, then. 

So women, if you are like me, understand that if it takes you 9 months to carry a child and grow that belly, it will take that long or longer to lose it too.  It ain't no baloon that flattened once it pops.  Chill, ok.  Be grateful you had the opportunity to be fat.  Some weren't as lucky.  But it doesn't mean we should just let it be.  Lets work on this together and ignore the nasty comments :). 

Having a baby us great.  Post maternity belly, is errrrr nit great but what the heck.  Count your blessings.

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