Sunday, February 02, 2014

Budaya Membaca

Mommy loves to read. Anything that she gets her hands on, and at any time yang ada (which is not much i guarantee you).  Memang sejak kecik lagi, sampai dulu2 baca sambil makan.  Sampai Abah marah hihihi. 

Disebabkan minat membaca ni la I want my kids to have the same interest.  Memang since Ayesha kecik lagi dok beli buku untuk dia hihihi. 

Eh tapi kids when they (konon nye) read, memang bersepah.  It drives me crazy all the time.  So when I read on Dr Harlina's barelysupermommy blog that you're suppose to just let them sepahkan to encourage them to read, I tried the same thing at home.   Kena tahan jerla.. according to Dr Harlina (and this is suggested by yang pakar), you're suppose to leave the books messy. Let kiddos choose what they wana read.  Clean-freak mommy alert.   Not recommended for those with OCD. Lol.

So here goes... buku bersepah (ni tahap minima sebab dah kemas sikit2. Tak tahan woo mata ni) demi encourage anak-anak cintakan buku... whether they really love reading or not lepas implement step ni... ah well, yet to be proven sebab baru implement hari ni kot heheh.

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