Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How hard is it to get internet connection?

I'm writing this based on my own personal experience. Not sure if others had faced the same thing. The problem that I'm facing with my internet connection started in July, 08. I was using Maxis broadband (That's right, the one with USB Modem) for sometimes until that July, I was unable to get connected for a month using the promised speed and ended up using GPRS, which later on did not work too. Best Effort ? Definitely, totally understandable. Maybe I live in high rise, maybe I'm facing another building so my signal get blocked. Whatever. Then I thought, wait, maybe it's not worth paying RM138 monthly for such services in my area.

One fine day, I was with a colleague at a TM Point speaking to a customer service rep at the counter. Simply because their hotline (which by the way, really is hot because it's hard to get through. Just like our other friend, Astro. Totally irrelevant, i know :)) is unreliable in disseminating (correct) information . I decided to sign up for Streamyx, because of one reason and one reason only > I was a Streamyx user at my apartment, still am a Streamyx user in Kampung, and thought Streamyx would be my best option. It is using a fixed line, it's been stable connection so far, so why not. They came to install my phone line the next day. I went, wow that was quick. A week after, I received a call from TM Agent telling me that I am on a 3 weeks waiting list. Reason? Not enough ports in my area. Come 3 weeks, I called them again this morning to find out the status. Now I'm on another month waiting list.

No ports available? Fine. We'll wait until there's port available. However I do have an advice and I had given my piece of mind on an email to Streamyx and phone call - If you do not have the service available, let your customers know in advance. Should've told me when I was at the counter, no? Don't advertise like you're the best provider when you aren't. Your customer service sucks, they're rude and stupid.

- Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS -

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