Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Connection That Gets Me Disconnected

If anyone had ever remember me ranting on how bad Maxis broadband was in my area, and how the customer service actually lied about the services, well guess what, I am still having the same problem. Surprise, surprise. Except that this time with Streamyx. Yes. For awhile now, I switched to Streamyx . It started really well just like our relationship sometimes but for 3 months now I cannot get a decent connection. Wireless? Well, yes but I checked direct connection too and it has no difference. I want to blame it on the geography, that this area sucks and that I should move to a different place. The truth is there’s no guarantee it won’t be the same. And trust me transferring your Streamyx connection is not as easy as you think because they often get it wrong.

As I sit here now hating all ISP in Malaysia and swearing my head off, I remember reading this hillarious (Well it is funny to me) blog from an Ah Yap back in 2007. I looked for the blog again and here I am re-posting this to share with y’all. This is the correction that this Ah Yap dude made to the Streamyx announcement. Mr Ah Yap > I’m with you on this one. Believe me it took me almost half an hour to load this bloody thing while searching for that particular blog:

TM Net 10Gbps International Link Upgrade Annoucement - Correction
Jul 3rd, 2007 Posted in Streamyx Sucks

On June 30 (Saturday), they make an announcement on their website. Again, they are not honest. So let AhYap help them to correct it.

We wish to inform our customers that the Internet service is always experiencing an increased latency/degradation in performance specifically for its international links to United States of America (USA).

As a result, our Internet customers will always experience hell lots of delay when accessing content and websites hosted outside of Malaysia, especially in US. We are conducting an upgrading exercise of our international bandwidth links, where an additional 10Gbps of capacity through Hong Kong is being implemented.*

As the moment, 90% of the upgrading process is completed and we expect the upgrading process to be fully completed by 2nd July 2007.

We are pleased to inform you that this exercise is part of TM’s upgrading plan for its international links in 2007, which will help reduce traffic congestion and improve customers’ Internet experience slightly. There are also plans for further upgrade of our international bandwidth capacity in September 2007 but unconfirmed yet (see first lar).

Telekom Malaysia apologizes for any inconvenience caused, whilst at the same time, we would like to lie to you that we are upgrading our services to serve you better.

To Mr Ah Yap > Pardon me for violating your copyright but I salute you for being as honest.

- Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS -

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