Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Travelling on a public transport

I believe everyone is already aware of the poor public transport services in Malaysia. I had sworn years ago never to take public transport again due to several unforgettable incidents. However now I am left with no choice other than to commute because of a change in job. Well actually yes I do have the choice to drive, but imagine walking from the carpark to my office. trust me it is quite a distance. So I thought OK let's commute. I'll save money when I have to be at the office.

Anyway, my reason for writing... I take the commuter from Kepong Sentral to KL Sentral. It is about 5 stations away and cost me only RM2.80 return ticket, plus RM3 parking at the Kepong KTM. See I told ya it's cheap. It is only 5 minutes drive from home. Now that I am one of those taking public transport to work, may I take this opportunity for some community message :

1. Wear deodorant on both arm pit. Both of them. Just put on something to stop the stinky armpit.
2. Once you get inside, move further inside. Don't stand at the entrance causing everyone elses difficulty to enter. If you don't want to move inside, give way to those who want. Don't just stand there hugging your '*tudunged' girlfriend whispering in her ears when I've said excuse me 3 bloody times.
3. If you're not rushing, stay on the left side of everything. The escalator, staircase, exit. I am in a rush so please don't waste my time.
4. Don't take anything out of my handbag. No maybe I don't mind the money so much, but it would cause me so much trouble applying for new IC, cancelling my atm, credit card and so many more. And I don't care about the handphone too, but the numbers in there are valuable. A long lost friend just contacted me after 10 years on that same number, OK? WHY don't you just beg on the street? Maybe someone will give you money whic will be enough for a new handphoned?
5. No I am not interested in you, so please stop looking everywhere, make an attempt to smile or anything. Do you realise that some of us women are way out of your league?
6. And no this skirt is not the reason you're looking. You'd still be staring as if I am your meal of the day if I wear my baju kurung. Proven.

*Tudunged - Girls wearing Hijab

Now I've only got six for today. Care to add more?

-Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS -

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