Sunday, October 18, 2009

Garden Lifetstyle Store & Cafe

Yesterday my hubby and I went for dinner at Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe. It was our first visit there while waiting for the movie we were going to at 11.20pm. The staff greeted us warmly, all very friendly and took us to our seat.

Nice ambiance was what came across my mind at first, and the smiley staff had definitely made me feel welcomed. The menu came, and we didn't order anything out of the ordinary just in case.. So hubby ordered the black pepper chicken chop and coke, I order chicken cutlet in mushroom soup. Being the petty eater I am, I didn't order any dessert but made sure that I ordered coffee. Review from others said that their desserts are yummy too! Sigh, sigh... If only I am into those sweet stuff...

The food was average, but the coffee made me feel homely because it was just the way I like it and it tasted like the brewed coffee I normally make at home. We were full once we emptied our plate and there was no need for dessert. We chilled for a bit and took photos of the place. The girl who worked there even offered to take our photos after looking at us.

The cafe didn't have smoking areas so you're safe from the nasty smokes or unpleasant cigarette smell. The furniture were white, very English- like. It was very garden- like, except that the flowers and leaves look to artificial at close up. Of course, to me it didn't matter. All I normally looked for at a cafe or restaurant is good service. And I give them 10/10 to the Garden for the excellent service provided. We were taken care of during our dinner there.

All in all, I recommend the Garden to those who go to One Utama. Whatever your reason is to be at One Utama, give it a go. It is a great place for a perfect date. Not too expensive, and very convenient. The decor items are for sales too!!! Anyway hubby and I are not good photographers, besides we aren't using those fancy professional camera to take these photos. But I sure hope that the photos speak for itself...

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