Thursday, November 05, 2009

Politics or Polishit?

I am not a fan of politics.  Not at all, but what I hear and see on the news everyday are shitty politics or shall I say 'polishit'?  Read the news and what do you see?  More polishit.

When are we going to realise that none of these 'polishitan' are going to fight for our rights?  For the people's need? What do our votes do for us?  Provide more wealth to the wealthy people and we stay who we are.  This comes from someone who is not even registered to vote in Malaysia.  Many people have told me that I am not practicing my rights as a Malaysian.  The rights to be heard, and to choose our leader.  Well, I don't bloody care because whoever is at the top, I am still who I am.  Still paying those taxes, still stuck in the traffic every night and day, still paying my bills and still earning my salary.

Maybe I will change my mind one day when the real leader comes to the surface.  Who is this man I'm waiting for?  I still don't know and am still waiting.  Barisan Nasional?  PAS? PKR?  These are just the parties that believe they can make changes to the world we are living in.  I hope they succeed, and not just living off people like us, the rakyat.  They slander each other, are these the leaders you want?  They look for each others weaknesses and failed to dig in within themselves and look for the flaws.  These are POLISHIT to me. 

The rest is for us to figure out, which is best.  I don't believe in anything anyone says about politics.  I choose to sit, and wait.. and ponder... heheh.  I dare not say more because I might get caught for mentioning one of the most sensitive subject among us Malaysian.  Let those people fight among themselves and prove to be a worthy leader.  Now that Malaysian is ruled by different parties, maybe we can see the real change... Just wait, shall we?  Then maybe we can see real improvement ;-)

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS

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