Thursday, February 04, 2010

Getting support throughout my pregnancy...

I did mention yesterday that I get very, very emotional these days?  Ask my husband, he'll tell you that yesterday was one of those days when I suddenly cry without stop.  He knows how to put a stop to this, it's simple- ask me a lot of question - then I'll definitely stop crying babies. 

I am one of those very lucky woman who gets emotional support during my pregnancy.  It is still at a very early stage I tell you, but I have felt more love around me than I could ever get.  Mum and dad had shown thier love by giving me advise, telling me to take care of myself, baby and hubby.  Eat dates, and honey, they said.  They are good for you and your baby.  Don't move around too much at the early stage, but don't be too lazy either.

My husband?  Well he is probably the next happiest person that I know other than myself, awaiting for his baby's presence in nine months.  He showers me with love everyday, treat me much more than a queen, make sure I eat healthy and nutritious food and most importantly that I eat.  I must tell you that's what he'd been doing since after we got married - he will make sure that I don't skip my meal because in the end, I will suffer from my gastritis. He probably doesn't realise this but his love and how he cares for me has definitely made me stronger. 

And then I have the small group of friends whom I love very dearly.  The listeners, the shoulders to cry on.  My everything.  Them being third in my list does not make me love them any lesser.  These are the group of friends who had done so much for me.  Walked with me through my work, my career change, my wedding preparation, getting through marriage, and now the pregnancy.  I refer to them for any advice, opinion, anything.  They will do anything to help me.  They mean so much than friends to me, they are my life!  Their support had been encouraging, and had helped me through my morning sickness.

So, yes getting support from others definitely help!  Let your friends know that you are pregnant, then you'll get the kind of support you wish for.  Let the people around you know, and you'll be amazed with how positive your surroundings had become.  It may seem like I brag about my pregnancy, a lot, but I can't help it!  It is my first one, I will become a mother in 9 months, and I have the most wonderful people with me.  Too bad, but it is just what every women may have wished for :-)

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