Friday, February 12, 2010

Surviving the morning sickness.

Very badly named, isn't it. You don't just feel sick in the morning, but afternoon, evening and night too!  I am tested with a pretty bad sickness that only the 'lucky' ones get the experience.  Some of the many I've faced are the constant gagging, gassy stomach which of course lead to more vomit, nausea, sore breast, lost in appetite, extreme fatigue and terrible terrible mood swing (Believe me, it's terrible because I just cried from watching The Biggest Loser Asia).

To complain about all my almost 2 months pregnancy symptoms is not the reason I am writing this.  Today is more of me sharing experience, to which for some I have found the remedies that I gathered (and tried) from conversation with friends, and of course the Internet.  Please feel free to share yours too! 

For my constant vomiting and feeling nausea, I sniff on eucalyptus oil and massage the back of my neck with it.  I also drink warm water, and add a little bit of honey and ginger.  A friend of mine had advise me on this one and trust me it really worked.  Not only the juice help with nausea, it also reduces gas in your stomach in which after about 5 to minutes drinking, you will let the gas out naturally.  Though I'd personally advice you to do it at home because believe you me, you will 'expel' gases out, loads of them.

I've also lost my appetite, though my stomach feel like there's a hole in it and I feel hungry every 2 hours after eating.  I was never a fish person, not realy fond of the taste.  However now my eating habit has changed totally.  I can't have chicken, at all.  Not even the smell, no matter how it is cooked.  It used to be on my daily menu.  So now since I've switched to fish, I make sure it is cooked in such way that it will help me eat.  As Asian I choose to have 'Tom Yam Kosong', and fried fish, or fried chilli fish.  Anything spicy and a little sour will help me eat.  One recipe which I tried last night was to blend chilli, red onion, garlic and ginger together and make this the gravy for my fried fish.  I ate more than I have been for the past 2 months, that's how good it is.  But let's not go over board with food, you may add unwanted cholestrol.  The point is to experiment with food.  Find out what you can or can't eat.  Find out ways you can cook your food. I also found that having cookies in between meal helps reduce the gas which occurs every 2 hours..  

Have you had constipation before?  How bad did you think yours were?  I never used to get constipation before, but it's become common during my pregnancy.  Now to help me digest easily I make sure I take 2 serving of fruits in my diet.  Normally as snacking.  Fruits such as apple and banana work for me.  I saw a home remedy on the internet which suggested honey and lime mixed into hot water in the morning.  Apparently it helps to cleanse your bowel.  Never tried this myself, but it's something to keep in mind!

Owh but the exhaustion, fatigue is what bothers me most.  I am not my usual self in the morning.  It is so very difficult for me to work.  I had a feeling it wasn't only the pregnancy, but also because I quit coffee cold turkey.  I became lifeless, and can't open my eyes to survive the 8.30 to 5.30 working hours.  Then I tried power nap and plenty of warm water.  They don't totally energise, but it helps. I also feel feverish most of the time, but once again warm water helps. 

Anyway those are about the symptoms that I have so far.  I sure hope nothing else comes along.  Despite all these sicknesses I am still thrilled to be a mother.  It is by far the most wonderful experience so I keep telling myself, 'get over the sickness and just enjoy your pregnancy'.  Jusr love it, and treasure every minute of 'love' growing inside you.

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS

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