Thursday, April 22, 2010

My 4th months...

Gotten kinda lazy to copy and paste the baby development, though it does trigger excitement when reading it!!! What can I do my body and energy are failing me everyday and night!  I tried, and tried darn hard to get up from bed after work, but biasalah is such a pain in the ass to do anything at all at night.

How has my life changed during my fourth (4th) months of pregnancy?  Here are they, to name a few:

1) My constipation is more regular.
2) I eat better, my appetite is sort of back, but it is still very hard to find what I really can eat.
3) I found vegetables too yucky, I started eating chocolate though I claimed to never have liked chocolates before.
4) My whole body is aching, especially my feet.  Am not quite sure if it is because of the weight I'm carrying.  I did weight myself last week, and I was still at 64.9'ishh... It was my weight at 3 months.
5) The energy hasn't come back.  I still feel restless, exhausted most of the time.
6) My skin was glowing for the past few months, but last week my skin became so oily I started getting pimples.  Again.
7) I feel fat most of the time, and feel my hair quite unmanageable. 
8) Feel like I had lost any sense of fashion left in me (like I had any, duhh).  But seriously, how do you style when you feel so fat.
9) No, the mood swing isn't gone.
10) My vomiting had stopped, in fact I only vomitted twice today after a week of non- vomitting.  And that was caused by the orange juice and chocolate drink right after a heavy, disgusting lunch. 

So there, my fourth month and I am not complaining!  In fact, I feel so darn happy I think I imagined my baby moving.  It felt like butterfly, or a growl down there in my tummy.  A word or two for my lil' one , "Whatever it is Mummy hopes baby is doing well down there, and mummy apologise for all the bad stuff that you had to eat and put up with!  I love you dearly little one. "

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