Monday, April 26, 2010

Malaysia Telco Comparison (Sort Of)

Disclaimer: This post does not intend to influence in anyone's decision making, nor to provide misleading information about the Telco companies to be highlighted below.  This post is strictly writer's own personal view and does not involve monetary transaction from any party.   

I recently made the decision to switch from a long term Maxis customer (I was thinking 5 to 6 years) to Celcom.  My decision was purely made based on the cheap unlimited data package offered by Celcom as opposed to the other Telco.  At the point of time I made this decision I was also just thinking of getting a new 3G phone which will serve my need: 1) Voice call and text messaging 2) Email 3) Facebook 4) Chat application wherever I go.  Due to those needs, I needed something that will cater for my needs, both voice and data.  I used to do it with Maxis on pay per use basis, but always ended up having my line blocked, that's why I was determined!

After almost a month or so switching, I was satisfied with the mobility both the phone and my new line had provided me.  However it wasn't until moments ago, I started looking back and comparing between Maxis and Celcom.  Refer Table 1 below:
Customer service (Friendliness, product knowledge, helpfulness)
Wide coverage area
Service availability (In terms of the service being available most of the time for both incoming and outgoing)
Service reliability
Accurate customer information
Good online account management
Cost effective
Table 1: Comparison between both Telco, based on personal experience. 

Now, the reason.  After several consequences which I never had experienced with the other telco:
1) The constant calling to try and get me to move to Celcom, even though I have already switched to Celcom.
2) I called the customer service today to inquire about the bill which I never got. (I mean, how do I pay without knowing the amount, and I can assure you my line will be cut soon if I don't do so).  But the customer service rep speaks owh so slowly with the line breaking on the other end.  And I got passed to another department who also failed to speak with clarity!

Then it triggered Table 1 above!  I was tired from writing up my audit findings and trying to put them together, and I thought I needed a break.  Now here we go...

On the customer service, I felt as if Maxis knows what their customer is asking better.  Knows the product better.  Is able to speak with clarity and knowledge, and at the same time be courteous.  Celcom?  From today's experience?  I will try to avoid speaking to them again unless really required.

Celcom has wider coverage.  Yes.  Even in hubby's hometown in Sungkai, Perak, I was able to browse my facebook.  Kajang, also where my brother stays and where Maxis wasn't the best service provider.

But... being able to provide a wide coverage doesn't mean it's service is always available!  You see, I've been having the 'situation' where my connection is intermittent.  I sometimes appear out of coverage area, or wasn't able to make a quick phone call with more than one try.  Never had this problem with Maxis before.

Do you also notice that Maxis is more reliable when it comes to its service?  Based on the availability above, you know you can rely on the Maxis line to make phone calls.  Well, provided you are in town area of course.

Speaking of accuracy, today I had two incidences of inaccurate customer data.  1) My address was wrongly registered in the system - found this on the online customer service (explains why I never got the bill). 2) They wrongly read my secondary phone number.  Either the guy was number dyslexia, or they totally had the number wrong and I corrected him, thrice!

If you had used both Maxis and Celcom online account management service like me, you will notice that Celcom offers a better and more services in its online account management.  But don't rely on some of the button, some doesn't actually works.

Cost... definitely Celcom better.  Do you know how much I am paying for my supplementary line?  RM5!  With Maxis I had to pay RM30, use or no use.

Let's give my new telco provider a bonus point shall we... I paid my bill online for the first time today and bling.... My account is immediately updated!  I even received a text notification saying hey, thank you for paying!  We love your money.  Kidding.  But the text part was true.  Whisper ~~ It always take me 3 days or more for the payment to reflect with Maxis.  You want it fast, you call them and let them know.

I guess each has its pros and cons.  And if I found that this one doesn't work out for me, I might just switch to something else later!

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS

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