Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feeling my baby move for the first time...

It was a feeling which I cannot describe.  Serious neh.  Just over the weekend I felt something in my tummy.  Actually I've felt this several times before but I can't quite tell.  Besides I thought it was too early too feel anything.  And then I felt it again!  Twice today while I was photocopying some paperwork in the office.  Sigh.  Baby will not let me enjoy this since I never felt anything when I am at rest!

But you know this is the feeling. Even when hubby asked, how does it feel, I couldn't tell. It's such a beautiful, and exciting feeling. This Friday I am going to peep into his world before he enters ours too! So that'll be double exciting, eh?

It is so agonizing to wait for my sweetheart to come out to the big world. Guess I'll just have to wait!!!

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