Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It is responding to the sound of music!

Do you know how excited I am, despite the common pregnancy problem such as lack of calcium and anemia? Only some knows this feeling.

Last night was the most movement I felt in my tummy. And as I am writing this, it is also moving like there's martial arts going in there! I was watching online TV on my own last night - the reality TV singing competition on TV3 Mentor. A guy came up with his own Hip Hop production, and as I was listening to this, it moved several times. I admit that the music was a little too loud, but yes, it was responding to this sound.  It was like dancing along to the music.  Though this was not the first time it responded, it is the most active I have ever felt. 

Throughout my pregnancy and since it started moving I noticed one small habit of my baby.  I read Surah almost every night, and I noticed that among the 5 Surah that I practice, it responded well to Surah Maryam!  Does it mean it is used to it, and that it is listening?  And at the same time making a pledge to obey as per required by the Surah?  MashaAllah it is the most beautiful thing in the world! 

Anyway, just a short one to record my excitement.  After all this blog is my life journal. 

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS

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