Thursday, May 27, 2010

Peeping into my precious' world.

My first photo in my little world called mummy's womb :-)

OMG Yesterday I went for a scan to see how my baby is doing.  Hubby came along, of course because he felt missed out when I had my first scan and he wasn't there, and everytime I listened to heartbeat he wasn't there either.  So I suppose yesterday I satisfied his desired for the baby since I had to scan the baby twice!  Best tau, even though ada beberapa perkara yang potong keseronokan kita. 

Here's how it went...

At around 7.40pm I arrived at Pusrawi Kelana Jaya.  Tempat ni dekat dengan Restoran Syed, at Jalan SS5B/4.  Alaaa just after Kastam.  It was easy to find if you know the area.  So I walked in and registered myself.  Masuk- masuk dalam bilik Doc, Doc tanya 'So?  What do you want to do?', she said.  'I want to scan,' I answered. 
Doc: Yelah scan untuk ape?
Me: Ermm scan lah, because I've only scanned masa 3 bulan dulu.  (Mind you this wasn't the most friendliest doctor you find.  She is probably not a people person, so she's forgiven.)
Doc: Ok so you want to see if it is doing OK, or the sex, or what?
Me: Both lah...
Doc: Ok, if the sex you probably won't see properly yet.  After 27th weeks normally baru nampak.  Lie down. 

and so she did her scan... after a while Doc cakap, I got something else in there.  Something else, I thought, what else?  Oh please Ya Allah I hope it is nothing. 
Doc: You have a mucus fibroid there.
Me: Is it harmful?
Doc: It is if it gets in the way.  You must see an O&G specialist as soon as possible.  They'll advise you on what's best. 

She printed out our baby's ultrasound and we left her office.  Hubby didn't look too happy.  Macam sedih pon ada, macam tak berape nak faham pon ade.  Isk isk, so I explained to him, 'Takpelah, I rase benda ni common kot time pregnanancy.  Lagipon U tau kan I jenis period macamana?'.   Hubby then said, 'Ok lah, but U dengar Doc cakap tadi, kena jumpa specialist cepat- cepat.  Jom lah cari kat mana- mana yang buka.  Tanya your friends ke?'

Cerita panjang jadi pendek, we decided to go to the one specialist which I thought I saw everytime I passed by Kota Damansara.  It is called Hopkins Women's Specialist Clinic.  Located at Pelangi Square Kota Damansara.  Easy to spot from the main road.  I had a feeling it was going to be expensive. 

But it wasn't so.  They were going to be closed by the time we reached the place, however accepted our presence anyway.  How nice!  The lady was superb friendly (Also according to hubby who kept comparing this clinic to the one we just went). 

The doctor?  Double, triple friendlier than the one we went to!  He was very welcoming and is like the nicest creature on earth throughout the whole visit.  At the beginning of our appointment he was finding out all about my pregnancy.  After that bila aku kata, I wanted a second opinion, he said yes he'll examine my tummy and that we'll do a thorough scan.

He found the fibroid too after a while.  It measured 2 cm, and located quite a distant from my precious.  Therefore he said not too worry for now, but we must do a follow up in 2 weeks to see how it goes.  I asked him if this could harm my precious, and he said there will be risk if it grows too big.  However according to him fibroid is a very common pregnancy problem, just like my anemia and calcium deficiency situation.

Basically he was telling me that there is nothing we can do about it now because I am already in my 21st weeks.  It must be monitored regularly, and precaution must be taken to ensure that baby is well.  He also said I shouldn't worry and should enjoy the pregnancy for now.  His words were so comforting I thought I see hubby agreeing.

Once we were over the fibroid subject, Doc asked if the previous Doc explained to us about our baby.
Me: Wasn't a very friendly doctor, she just showed us the head and the heart, and finally the fibroid which none of us can see.
Doc: It's OK.  We will perform a detailed scan.

And there we were visiting the baby again, caught her in action sucking her thumb, moving her legs and hands.  We saw her backbone and it was fine, the pair of eyes she has, and they tiny toes.  Oh my can you imagine our feeling at the time.  After that we heard the heartbeat, it was fast, so unbelieveably fast!  It was the prettiest thing I had ever imagined.  The most beautiful and wonderful thing I had ever experienced.  Here I am with this little one inside of me, how very amazing!

The time we waited for had come, it was time to see the sex.  Once the word is mentioned, our precious was actually covering hers with her two hands!  Refusing for us to see, perhaps.  She was playing peek a boo with mummy and daddy knowing that we both love her dearly.  After a while she lifted her hands slowly, and the doctor was able to see, a veyr blurry vision.  We both saw too.  Doctor was unable to make up the sex, since it was too early, but he said he could be wrong, though she looks like a girl!  Why a girl, it was because of the three lines that the doctor see that makes up her vagina.   

To tell the truth, both of us had wanted a girl.  Though there is no reason to be disappointed if it isn't so.  The baby will be loved as much.  Know what I care about at this moment?  Not whether it is a boy or a girl, but knowing that my baby is healthy and faces no complication in the womb.  That it gets all the love, and nutrients, and that I will be able to provide him or her only the best!

Do pray that I and my baby will be well, and that all the tiny weeny problems during the pregnancy will just be a challenge and not something that will complicate matters. 

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS


kimmy131 said...

May I ask which doctor is this you saw in Hopkins Womens Specialist Clinic?

Diana Abdul Molok said...

Dr Iswaran was his name