Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another visit to the specialist, another thumb- sucking action!

Yesterday, the 28th of June, I went for another visit to the doctor- this time the government's specialist for them to give an opinion on the fibroid.  Yes, remember the fibroid I mentioned earlier which measured 2 by 3 cm?  The government clinic decided to ignore my private clinic specialist and obgyn opinion and decided I should meet a specialist again - the price I pay for going both private and government.  *LOL*

Result of the specialist's observation:
The doctor, Dr. Jemah of Klinik Taman Ehsan spent quite some time scanning yesterday looking for the fibroid.  She couldn't seem to find the mentioned fibroid, therefore her opinion was either i) The fibroid is currently too small while my baby grows bigger or ii) The first doctor at Pusrawi had mistaken the fibroid with a muscle contraction.  This, she said is normal.  Sometimes the vision isn't too clear Dr. Anita of Pusrawi PJ could've wrongly detected. 

Yes, perhaps.  I am not sure what to believe now.  I remember Dr. Iswaran of Hopkins Women's Specialist Centre took quite a while to detect this as well when I went for the second opinion.  So then yeah, maybe, maybe not.  For what I am sure of, the baby is fine, it is in its proper position, and is doing well in there.  Little one is fine, and that's what's most important.  There could be a fibroid, or not.  If it doesn't harm the baby, then so be it. 

My princess's condition at 27th weeks:
I must say that I am once again thrilled, excited.  Little one, as always was putting her thumb into her mouth!  Too bad everytime she does this, and while the doctor is telling me she's sucking her thumb, they never capture this part of the action in the photo!  How frustrating, but then again that is just one little thing that matters only to mummy.  Doctor probably doesn't care. 

We counted her fingers, there were 10.  She then gripped her fingers, and crossed her legs.  I thought, yah well go on enjoy that moment in there honey.  This is your world, in my womb where I can protect you the most.  Take you everywhere with me, make sure you are OK by making sure I am well, and eat only the good stuff so that she receives all the goodness.  I am not sure if I can do the same when she's out.

Doctor said she is perfectly healthy, the heart beat is normal, her backbones are fine.  She is one strong girl! 

Owh wow.... Isn't this beautiful!  My next on the list is shopping for my girl.  I had bought some stuff already and will later on get the baby cot, car seat, breast pump and so on.  So much money involved, but I will give her anything as long as it doesn't burden me and my husband financially.

So maybe my next posts will be about shopping, huh?  LOL.

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS 

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