Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How grateful are you with life?

Just my short one today... I am simply too hungry to write...

There were times when I couldn't help thinking that life sucks big time.  Yes, life does suck when luck isn't on your side.  When things don't work the way they want them to.  When things turn your life upside down.  Believe you me, I feel this most of the time!

By having all these feelings, do that make you ungrateful with life?  Does it make you any less human?  Does it make you feel that life isn't fair?  Well, life certainly isn't always fair but as a consolation to my dear self, I often ponder, wonder, and have that me time to think things over.  Sometimes with tears, and hatred, sometimes with my very best attitude.  

Yes, what do I ponder upon?  What do I think of?  Everytime something bad happens to me, I always try to console myself  by thinking that whatever bad things that have happened to me, there will be people with worse situation.  No matter how bad things may be for me, there must be 10 others who suffer even more.  For example, when I lost someone so dear to me and I wanted to grieve so bad, I thought of those who had lost their whole family in a war, in car accidents, land slide, etc.  When I thought of how bad pregnancy symptoms are on me, I thought of those who may never had the chance to go through what I went through.  When I am short of money, I thought of those who actually starve and live on the street.

There are so many people who had gone through worse than what you may have experienced.  There are so many people who suffered so much more.  There are so many people who hadn't even had the chance to grieve, to feel sorry for themselves simply because they couldn't afford to.  So don't these make you more grateful with life?  With what you have?  With whom you have next to you?  Live life to the fullest.  Treasure every moments, and make every bad moments a lesson learned.  
Just a piece of advise and a reminder for myself...

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS

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