Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dinner at Al Andalus, Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur

It was my 27th birthday on Friday the 2nd of July, 2010.  After much contemplating (due to exhaustion from work) I agreed for hubby to take me out for dinner.  He insisted on making me happy even after the pressie that he got me.  Oh by the way I realy love the brown leather handbag that he got me!  He can sooo read my mine, that's why I love him!

Anyway I was suppose to pick a place to eat.  There were a few suggestion from friends, Italian, Japanese, you name it.  Yes I am into Italian, or creamy American food.  A friend then suggested that I grab a copy of TimeOut KL from the bookshelves and take a look at the restaurant reviews which I thought was very useful.  Well, knowing myself I wouldn't have the time to go out, grab a magazine and come back.  My mind was already too tired to do so, therefore I googled TimeOut KL.  Thanks to google, I found this link:  It was very convenience ad friendly it provided me with a search function at the top of the site.  I typed Middle East and was provided with quite an impressive list of casual and fine dining.  In the list there was a place called Andalus and I thought oh well, maybe we should try this restaurant  Al Andalus is a Moroccan authentic cuisine located at No.48 Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur. 

We reached the place at around 8.55pm, and there were already so many people.  We both tried to get seats inside the bungalow as it was drizzling and I was also trying to avoid the smokers crowd.  There was a World Cup game between Brazil and Netherlands so you can imagine the crowd!  No the place isn't crowded by the Arabs, but also Malays, Chinese, and Indian, and all other races whom I believe are the expatriate.  Al-Andalus is not overpriced, have quite varieties of food, and the place looks clean which I think is the most important.  The only trouble I had was finding Andalus because we went to the wrong end of the street first.  I enjoyed the food and the World Cup game at the same time, and didn't mind the crowd either as the tables are not set too close to one another.  

The order: I ordered the lemon mint juice, falafel sandwich and the boneless grilled chicken.  Hubby ordered strawberry milk juice and lamb khabsaa (lamb with biryani rice).  Just a little reminder, if you prefer lodsa ice in your cold drink, do ask for more ice.  I notice their drinks come with very little ice which of course works for me!

Anyway here's some lame photos of what we ordered:

The falafel sandiwich.  Looks simple, taste great!:
The grilled boneless chicken... I loved how they marinated the chicken.  Juicy!:
The lamb khabsaa (Not sure how it is spelt).  Hubby ordered this one. Tasted real good, big portion!:

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS

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