Thursday, July 08, 2010

The New Contented Little Baby Book

Someone recommended this book a few months ago and was telling me how following the Contented Little Baby (CLB)'s method by Gina Ford made his life so much more peaceful at night, and how their life changed by the routine recommended in the book.  This contact of mine (not really a friend, just someone I used to work with) printed out the review and cover from Gina Ford's website: and asked me to take a look. 

For those interested to buy, you can try the major bookstore in Malaysia.  I got mine from Borders at RM56.60 and it was the last copy available then!  Apparently The New Contented Little Baby Book is a very famous book and is in demand even in Malaysia!

So yes, I am going to give this book a try and will ignore whatever other says.  I will update how things are with my baby once I give birth and will let you guys know if this method works for me. 

Diana Abdul Molok

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