Friday, July 09, 2010

Hormones Instability

How much do you hate dealing with your pregnancy hormones? I mean probably not when you are overflown with joy, but when one little thing makes you breakdown and cry? One teeny weeny thing that makes you irrationale and inbalanced.  The undefined emotions. 

Emotions that can destroy you. Emotions that may do great damage to your relationship. It is capable of doing more than just show how you feel.

I don't do well with emotions. This was even before my pregnancy, especially during my menstruation. I tried to learn to deal with it, but it just won't work. I would cry for no reason back then.

It just gets worse during my pregnancy.  Not only that I will cry for no specific reason, I will cry non- stop for no reason.  So you can imagine how bad it is when I have reasons to cry.  It is such a major mood swing for me.  My mood changes are so hard to deal with.  In fact I am crying while writing this.  Over a little thing that happened today.  And when I get emotional, and cry, I will say things I may regret later on.  Therefore I'm going to stick to just emotional, and cry.  No talking please. 

I am getting a little bit annoyed and tired with the hormone instability these days, and can't find ways to deal with it immediately.  I am hoping to find good stuff on the net to help me deal with feelings I wasn't suppose to feel.  So if you do know any, let me know.  I am afraid that the instability of this hormone has turned me to a very negative person.  A very weak one.  Therefore my search begins now.

I shall update if I come across any good reading materials. 

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