Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My next plan: Choosing a safe and healthy infant daycare place

Dear, I just haven't realised it is time to make that decision.  Where to send my newborn when I start working after confinement.  It is such a big decision.  Hubby and I thought of hiring a maid instead, but I know I will not be comfortable leaving my child alone with a stranger.  We had three options: i) to hire a maid ii) to find a babysitter who will care for my newborn during the day and iii) to send my newborn to a proper and licensed daycare centre.  Now that option i is out, I am left with only two options.  Even option ii does not seem like a good option these days with all the things you read in the news.  At least with the uncertainties, I know I will be able to take action on a licensed centre should anything happen later on (But please, I pray that nothing like that is going to happen to my baby). 

I am inexperienced in making such decision since this is my first one.  Therefore friends and moms out there, if you have or know a certain daycare centre that you think I can trust in Damansara, or PJ area, do let me know and I will go and check them out.  Do advise me also on rates, and if there is overtime involved, timing, etc etc. 

My critierias are simple : safe, clean, and kind (to both parents and babies). 

I shall do my research next and update it in this blog. 

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS

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