Friday, December 24, 2010

Ayesha Amani at 3 months - the fussy, sometimes happy baby.

Yes, she is now 3 months of age.  She coos, and aaah, she laughs and she smiles, she cries and she screams, she knows when to want only mommy, and knows how to say no to bottle when mommy is around.  She can hold stuffy animals with a more steady hands these days but she has such sharp nails I can't let her go without mitten for longer than an hour. 

Why is she a fussy baby?  Because she just has to be treated right.  Amani is especially fussy when it comes to feeding.  She gives mommy headache sometimes.  She likes to be breastfed right away when mommy picks her up from the daycare.  If mommy is late in doing so, she ends up crying for hours until she's tired and fall asleep.  When she gets up, she's still hungry but has forgotten that she's angry at mommy so I can start feeding her as per normal.

Both hubby and I know that Amani doesn't like to be bottle-fed at home.  But there are times that she gets fussy and refuses breastfeed all of a sudden.  This is when it gets frustrated in feeding her because I never know what she really wants.  Is she hungry or she just wants to be clingy?  Does she wants to be breastfed or bottle-fed?  Knowing my own baby, you get one thing wrong you'll end up trying to console her for hours.  Trust me.  Hours.  Owh - bottle or breastfeed, it has to be quick.  Try and be late. 

At bathtime, she wants to be bathe a certain way.  The water has to be at the same temparature.  If it is cooler than what she expected, scream.  If it is too warm, scream again.  I have to hold her a certain way.  Now this is cute, if she doesn't like bathing in that position she'll try to turn her body around.  I laughed my head off when this happened the first time.  She gets cuter by the day!

She wakes up with a smile every morning, that's how she wishes us 'Good Morning'.  Amazingly she is always in better mood during the day.  I think this is because she gets a good night sleep without fussing around too much.  On our way to the daycare in the morning is her friendliest moments.  She talks and she talks... In her own way of course.

Not forgetting the 'hot' and 'cold' temperature of her surroundings.  If we switch off the air cond at home she will be sweating all over.  Wherever we go must be air-conditioned or at least a table fan to be near her.  Sigh.  Not sure when she started to not being able to stand the hot weather. 

All in all, though fussy I hope Amani grows up to be a good girl, a good Muslim and daughter.  I pray for her health and that she grows without problems.  I, after all only wants the best for my daughter.   

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