Friday, December 24, 2010

Be stylish with my Medela Freestyle!

Yeahh been meaning to write that as a title when I thought of writing about my new Freestyle.  Here it is, small and light in weight, quiet, and stylish:
My super-cool Medela Freestyle breastpump 

The breastpump came last week when I wasn't in the office but my colleague acknowledged the parcel for me.  So when I came in on Tuesday I was like 'whoa' because it was already on my office desk.  Medela Freestyle came with the handsfree kit and a cool tote bag.  The seller also gave me 10 Bumblee Bee storage bottle and disposable breastpad as an extra. 

I was a Swing user for a few months, but as time goes by I found that the time taken to pump both sides was inconvenient for my type of job.  Imagine 10 minutes on each breast which makes up to 20 in total, and the time taken to wash, unpack, bla bla blah.  I also found Swing to be quite noisy.  People turn heads when I pump in the prayer room/ 'surau' because of the noise.  Though one thing I loved about Swing was that it was easy to assemble.  1,2,3 you're done. 

Now that I am on Freestyle, I had overcome the timing problem.  In 20 minutes, I am done and back at my desk.  Nobody noticed I was gone for a bit.  Also with the handsfree kit which is attached to your bra strap- super cool and convenient!  However I found the assembling of parts to get started to be quite annoying.  Duh.  There's just too many parts to be put together after washing.  

With Freestyle, I am looking forward to improve my milk supply for my baby.  At the moment I am still getting used to the pump, and still struggling to get the technique right so I sometimes end up with no or very little expressed milk after 10 minutes.  I suppose it will take a while to get used to.  Do pray that everything goes well for me and my Freestyle. 

The handsfree kit

The tote bag

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