Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The gallstone situation

Hey tomorrow I will be going through a procedure to remove my gall bladder due to gallstone at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur. The gallstone was detected a week ago after series of stomachache (just under my rib cage) and radiated to the back.

Believe it or not I have had the symptom since several months ago after I gave birth to Amani. At first I thought it was a normal gastritis pain, which was how I asked to be treated at first. However after frequent visits to the GP near my house, I fell very sick at the office one day and went to the clinic in my office instead. The doctor in charge ordered a blood test and helicobacter (stomach virus I assume) test.

You know what, I didn't remember I did the test like a month plus ago until it got very bad. It turns out there was 'something wrong' with my liver. The doctor suspected either hepatitis or gallstone. Either one, further treatment will be required. Then the doctor ordered another blood test for hepatitis, and an ultrasound for gallstone.

Guess what the gallstone test turned positive. The stone was already 'falling out' from my gall bladder (not sure what the medical term is). This is why I am showing symptom such as vomiting and diarhhea. Furthermore if this isn't treated immediately it would lead to jaundice. Do not want to be the yellow lady y'all.

So yeah, I was then referred to the specialist at Pantai Hospital. After one visit it was decided that I can't keep my gall bladder because it is already damaged. The blood test, according to him indicates liver inflammation and id left untreated will cause jaundice and infection. He decided that I should go for the 'keyhole' procedure on the 19th. I was advised to sort out Amani matters.

The procedure is tomorrow. My mum will be looking after Amani for a night and once I am dismissed from the hospital I will probably stay at my mum's. However small the procedure is, do pray that it'll all go well and that I will recover from the surgery quickly to look after my princess. Taaaa...

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