Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trying out the ring sling...

Baby Amani ada sedikit perangai baik bila dekat rumah: nak berkepit dengan mommy.  Yes, she is so clingy at home that I have to rush shower, dinner, prayer and everything else when I come back from work.  Is this bad?  No, because for me I have successfully established my presence as her mother.  It is my nature to feel needed, and this 'clingy' attitude just fulfils it. 

But of course, kalau dah kena rush everything tu, agak memenatkan ye tak.  Jadi after a conversation with my friend at work, she suggested that I use the 'ring sling'.  Yes, the blue material above is called the ring sling, and I just found out about it 2 weeks ago.  The one in the photo is Timmy's, she lended me this ring sling to give a try on Amani.  

I tried for 2 weeks to get Amani to like it, but had failed.  She sat for 1 minute and screamed to be taken out.  I kept trying every night, same result.  Hubby didn't buy into the idea of ring sling because to him the soft baby carrier we have is much more confortable.  I thought otherwise, which was why I kept on trying out the ring sling. 

Last night, I showed hubby a photo of how the ring sling should be worn and said, 'this is how it should be worn.  You think I got it right?'.  Being the adorable, supportive husband he is (though he isn't into ring sling), he helped me adjusted the ring, and the height.  Once this was done, Amani immediately made her 'sleepy cry', and fell asleep just like that.  Just like you see in the photo above.  Mommy dah jadi semakin succesful dalam pelbagai acara sekarang ni, don't you think?

So, from now on, the ring sling will be my favourite item and will be in my list of crucial item for travelling!  Suitable for mommy on the go, I think the ring sling offers convenience and simplicity.  Really can't wait to have my own ring sling (which Timmy is sewing for me!  I ordered pink, of course for my baby pink girl). Once it is ready, I will show it off here! 

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