Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ayesha Amani is now 10 months, and still counting

Ayesha Amani...

~ can now walk, walk really really fast and even attempt to run.  She walks everywhere around the house.
~ can easily climb up the stairs. Oh, and when you try to block the stairs, she always finds her way to get there anyway. 
~ can climb my TV cabinet.
~ watches TV like I don't exist.
~ imitates every single words you say.  She can now say 'Mama', 'Baba', 'Babab', 'Muahh', and everything else which sounds like she can almost say it!
~ has stopped eating porridge since 9 months old, and now she just wants everything other people eat. But no, no, Mommy said "you can only have some which are good, otherwise eat your soup!".
~ knows how to sulk when Mommy leaves her in the morning.  "Let's not talk to Mommy," she said, "because she's leaving me with this stranger who looks after me everyday."
~ has loads and loadsa toys that she loves, but when Mommy's around, she's more interested in what Mommy is doing.  Not her toys.
~ has a very loud voice!
~ knows how to nag at Mommy, when Mommy's too busy and late in tucking her into bed.

Love, love, love Ayesha Amani!

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