Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Ayesha Amani!

Ayesha's Amani Birthday Cake by Azna John
Ayesha Amani turned 1 on 16th September. Wow, unbelievable right. She is already one, Mommy's getting old. Sooner she will be out of Mommy's house, will have her own family and leave Mommy on her own.

We did a small family makan- makan to celebrate Amani turning one yesterday, sekali la dengan sambut hari raya dan hari Malaysia. (Pictures will be uploaded later). Ah well, it was her first and she's our first child so its hard not to. She enjoyed the time when there were guests in the house. Such a good host this one. She hadn't thrown tantrum at all like she always do when we're home alone.

At the age of 1 Amani talks a lot (in her own language) and she is a human whirlwind. Yep. She is a hyper child. She knows how to appreciate some of the toys we bought her already. She loves TV and you can see she loves mom and dad (oh yeah like she knows what love is already LOL). She loves the crowd too, such a show off that little girl. It doesn't take her long to warm up to someone.

Anyway... Little princess turning one is a whole new page for me. I just love her more and more, don't matter how naughtier she got.

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