Thursday, September 08, 2011

My pregnancy cravings

I was having a group BBM (the famous blackberry messenger y'all) with some of my friends today about the recent Petknode cat boarding hell which had caused stirred in Malaysia.   Many had condemned their actions but some of us had thought, well enough is enough.  If they had apologised and if action can be taken against them, enough already.  This is human vs cat ya?  Though cat adalah binatang kesayangan nabi, tapi apa yang kita nak petknode tu dapat pembalasan macamana sebenarnya?  Nak suruh mati jugak ek, baru setimpal.  Anyway I am not blogging about petknode.  Some of us are animal lovers, some don't fancy animals at all.  While we were on the subject of animals, I suddenly remembered one of my pregnancy cravings!

Yes I was cravings for a lot of things when I was pregnant.  But my cravings were not up to the point of 'I'll breakdown and cry if you don't gimme some' kind of cravings.  Mine was sort of I saw or heard about something then I thought - 'oooh I must get that too!'.  Otherwise I couldn't be at peace.  Tu jer, gelisah semacam.  Nangis tak, kot?  Did I, hubby? 

I craved for mee bandung at 3-4 am in the morning, I craved daging kancil, cupcakes, I craved mom's laksam, nasi dagang.  I craved for chilli crabs.  I was never into Durian but I wanted to eat Durian and I could eat 4 ulas masa tu.  I was also never into sweet stuff but I just loved chocolate and cup cakes and lovely desserts at the time.  Semua takda yang pelik- pelik.  Of course except for one...

One day when I was back in kampung, I followed my parents to the pasar in Jerantut, Pahang.  Near the pasar basah tu, ada ramai orang jual anak- anak ayam, itik, dan... when I was browsing I saw rabbits!  Yes, little cutie rabbits.  There were so many of them I just wanted to pet them. 

You see I was never into pets.  Animals in general are gross.  I tried to pet cats several times but didn't manage to love them as much as I could love myself.  An ex-housemate had a cat and he ate my new pair of shoes the next day I put them pairs outside the box.  So ya, cats are totally out of the love radar for me.  I don't like anything with feathers either so no chics no nothing like that.  I think you get it by now, I don't like animals.  I eat them.  I don't pet them. 

But the minute I saw those rabbits, I went 'Oooo sayang I nak rabbit... 2 ekor, nak bela... Nak bawak balik KL'.  Hubby was shocked, speechless.  Mom went 'Eee nanti busuk nak bawak balik, awak yang muntah'... Yeah I know.  But hubby got 'em anyway.  I got a pair (which later on turns to NOT be a pair), and my youngest brother got himself a pair.  SO in total we had four.  I made hubby bought the cage, because I wanted to take them back to KL.  Tapi bila dah sampai rumah, everyone went 'Eh tak boleh la awak pelihara rabbit.  Nanti telinga anak awak keluar macam rabbit!'.  Aiyooo... Party poopers la they all (*Sad face*).  That time I dah nak nangis.  In the end the rabbits were left in kampung to be taken care by my little brother together with his.  He built a nice house for the rabbits and it turns out that the rabbits weren't a pair.  Mine turns out to be girls and his turns out to be all boys.  Sekarang all those rabbits dah takde.  3 died I think and 1 was just let free about 2 weeks ago, because he was all by himself and they felt sorry for him.

Weird, eh?  I think God wanted to show something lah.  But I didn't get the message and still is not able to love any animals.  Tapi tak pernah juga saya menganiaya binatang.  Binatang pun makhluk Allah juga :-)

So to wrap up, women get all kind of cravings all around the world.  Some get the weirdest pregnancy cravings.  I consider the rabbits, my weirdest.  What's yours? 

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