Thursday, September 15, 2011

An oral aid for your teething baby...

What you see in this very low quality photo snapped from my blackberry is an oral aid to help soothes my teething baby.  I've read about oral aid before and some pain killers that can be used, but I wasn't sure if they're available in Malaysia.  I also didn't believe in using medications for my baby.  My decision was to go the old way with my teething babe and just deal with it like I always do.

Until recently I got very sick.  I mean VERY VERY sick and my morning waking up from 3 am till dawn because she cries or screams because teething just hurt hur so very badly, I just couldn't take it anymore.  I cried with her.  I screamed with her.  It has gone very bad.  Hubby didn't get much sleep either, him being the good husband, also stayed up with me.

So while at was at my local doctor, I also signed Amani up to see the doctor.  I asked doctor, "please, do you have any oil or anything that I can rub on her gum? Or pain killers? Anything that'll work as pain relief, and safe. I can't take it anymore".  The doctor then said he would prescribe me an 'oral aid' which I can apply on her gum as many times as I like.  It has sedative so it will reduces her anxiety and irritability he said.
Tried the oral aid for 4 nights already, and she seems to be getting back to sleep fine whenever teething bothers her. 

I haven't googled about the side effects yet, if prolonged use.  I will add this later on once I have the time.  But it works for me now, and I will only use it as and when required.  As long as it works for now babe, Mommy's very sick.

Till then..
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Candylicious said...

Hi there,

For your info Oral Aid is available in Malaysia but only the doctors have it..they don't sell it @ pharmacies..

Diana Abdul Molok said...

Hi Fabulosity, really? Just want to share with you, when my daughter 'hid' the Oral Aid and I had to get a new one from a pharmacy in One Utama, I was given dentinox instead. The physician there told me that Oral Aid was 'out of stock', and she continued with 'besides, Dentinox is better for baby. Oral Aid is not'. I wasn't sure if this was true, so I just bought the Dentinox instead. I didn't think my doctor would prescribe something which is 'bad', but anyway... what u said had left me thinking, maybe because it is a controlled item therefore only doctors are allowed to prescribe yea?

Unknown said...

plz tell me my baby 7 months old how to use with this ?

Unknown said...

Can get at klinik dr monty pandan indah kuala lumpur..the Doctor is so friendly ����