Monday, November 14, 2011

Medela Spare Kit

I made my most recent Medela kit purchases last week when my membrane got 'dirty'.  Didn't tear it or anything, but there was black spots all around the line area, and it just felt really really dirty.  I did cleanse the membranes thoroughly, however I had a suspicious feeling that the black spots were due to using the Medela Swing drawstring bag.  FYI, the Swing bag isn't netty, I think its made of canvas and therefore causes the membrane to breathe bacteria and causes the black spots.  Anyway I am a 100% sure that I was very clean and thorough when it comes to cleansing, because this involves stuff going into my baby's little tummy.  

So I wrote an email to my owh-so lovely Medela supplier in Malaysia Aja Sulaiman and asked her if I can buy a spare membrane.  The old spotty ones can still be used, so it wasn't urgent or anything, I told her.  She replied that she will have stock after Eid-ul Adha, which was fine for me.  Apparently the membrane, is not sold separately.  

For info, if you were to replace the membrane, you would have to buy the Spare Kit, which is sold as 1 pair, with the following 3 parts :
From left: Back Cap, Membrane and Connector.  

So yes, if you were to replace 1, you will get the other 2 Medela parts as well.  In order of the above photos, you will get i) The back cap, ii) membrane and iii) connector.  This is, for me, an advantage as I just love new stuff.  You will get 1 pair which is equivalent to 3 parts x 2.  I emailed her as soon as I made payment for the parts + postage, and I got it the next morning.  

You don't know how happy I am to be pumping with a new parts today :-).  You should also know that I also JUST got a new cooler bag, the Lock&Lock bag which my mate bought for me in One Utama.  Ahhh, pumping just made my day *grin*. Bliss.

SO guys, if you need any parts replacement and not sure about them, do feel free to ask questions.  Breastfeeding fellow mothers like me who tend to break things or replace the parts, may be able to help.  Tadaaa...

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