Monday, December 05, 2011

My 15 months old toddler...

Tengah layan fries.
 It has been past a year.  15 months to be exact.  That's the age of my Ayesha.  It has been 15 months of joys, happiness, tears, frustration and learning.  She now understands me, whenever I am angry, or sad or pretend to be sad.  Dia dah pandai tunjukkan 'kasih sayang' dia kat aku, such as cium pipi, peluk, usap rambut, just the way I showed my kasih sayang to her *grin*.  Dia jugak dah pandai 'take side', as in bila Daddy buat- buat cubit Mommy, or marah Mommy, dia akan marah daddy balik and peluk Mommy kuat- kuat. 

Dia juga paling pandai 'mengemas'.  There are times when she's really helping to tidy up her own toys.  But there are also times when she 'mengemas' dalam diam.  Our recent case was when she 'kemaskan' mangga pintu sampai Daddy kena beli baru.  Turns out it was in the empty bin in the kitchen (thankfully it was empty).  Dan juga when she threw my keys (along with my HSBC security pin) and the remote control into the bin too.  How I figured they were there, I just knew it.

Buat naughty dan jatuh dalam bakul.
Or when she decided to help me with the laundry.  Kemas baju dalam almari, she knew where to put hers and mine.  Ambik baju sangkut kat hanger macam nak jemur. 

As a toddler, just like other toddler she is also a fast learner.  This is good, and could also be bad because she copies other people's tantrum!  Rolling on the floor, menghentak kaki dan sebagainya lah kan. 

I absolutely love her when she's acting cute.

Nangis sebab nak pergi kat Daddy.

But at this cute  phase, ada jugak beberapa aksi mencabar kesabaran.  Contoh bila tak mau duduk diam dalam kereta.  Tak mau duduk car seat, tapi nak duduk kat depan.  Atau sibuk nak main kat bawah tempat kaki. 

Or when Daddy's driving sibuk nak pergi dekat Daddy.  And there are times dia 'mengemas' but actually menyepah kain baju yang Mommy penat- penat lipat.  Dan dia dok campak- campak koleksi handbag (cewah koleksi la sangat) yang Mommy dok penatttt kemas dan susun. 

Or there was this time bila dia carik- carikkan tisu kat atas lantai yang baru di mop.  Or meronta- ronta nak turun atas lantai yang tengah basah kena mop.  There was also time when she 'tepis' pinggan nasi sampai terpelanting. 

She also gets moody and grumpy when people don't understand what is it that she wants.  Hentak- hentak kaki ke lantai.  Adeh la. 

There are many more months and years to come, insyaAllah.  All I can do is pray hard that I am given the patience to deal with her tantrum, diberi kesabaran mendidik, dan juga mengatasi segala dugaan yang menghalang. 

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