Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Wow, so yes life has been that hectic at the end of 2011, that I had to wait until the 12th day of January 2012 to be able to say happy new year everyone (Read that in a shout out mode). 

2011 had been a year with many good and bad memories, mostly bad but heyyy that's life.  This year I will not have any new resolutions because there's no point setting a goal which I know I can't achieve this year.  Let's just say I wanna lay low, play it slow a bit.  Be more focused on what I already have and how to improve them, instead of obtaining a new ones.  For example, financially and quality time with my girl.  I may not have quantity but let's aim for quality, yeah?  (How I wish I have quantity too!!!)

So there, not much that I want to say.  Let's just welcome 2012 with an open heart and hope for the best.  Don't linger on the past so much, though if you do look back, let it be to review the 'bads' for improvement. 

"Cheers to New Year and another chance to get it right"-Oprah Winfrey.

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