Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hai... si pencuri kasut...

28 going on 29 years of my life, I have never heard of shoes theft secara berleluasa.  Like, really, these things happen?  Until today when the shoes theft membuat onar di rumah ku hehehe.  Must be those drug addicts yang berkeliaran kan?  Entah bagaimana ianya berlaku.  Panjat pagar?  Tak kunci pagar?  Only those who did it knew how. 

Apa yang si pencuri kasut ambil?  Tak banyak, I guess they didn't have much time to go through the boxes.  Only managed to take what's on the outside.  So there goes hubby's Adidas (2 pairs) and my Nike sneakers.  3 pairs only!  Luckily.  They didn't take the rest, like I said maybe tak sempat selongkar, sebab ada banyak lagi Nikes and Adidas berkeliaran di rumah ini.  Nasib juga si pencuri kasut cuma kenal Nike dan Adidas.  Crocs ke, Hush Puppies, Charles & Keith ke yang mungkin tergolong golongan kasut murah dan tidak famous tidak di ambil. Phewww.  Kalau tak selamat la, more shopping to do.

Anyway, yes shoes theft is a funny but annoying matters.  I am actually thankful that they didn't break in and hurt us.  I am more worried about my Ayesha when I leave her for work everyday.  Hemm nampaknya kena perketatkan security kat rumah lah.  Risau sangat if people break in, thinking that nobody's home because the two cars are gone but actually my sweetie is home :-( .  Ya Allah please protect my little princess.  And the maid, of course. 

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