Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thursday Plantation Acne Cream, did wonder to my skin!

Photo source Thursday Plantation Website
Forgot to take photo of MY cream at home!
OK before anyone started saying, aiyooo D where got pimples on your skin, I got ok... There's one in my forehead that's been there for months, and one just came out a few days ago.  I assume the latest one came from my daily jog, you know because I do it without cleaning the make up.  Believe me, I've got sensitive skin even though I don't look it.  

The Thursday Plantation Acne Cream, was actually bought for my husband when he had this long- term 'cyst' on his forehead.  We thought it was acne, but didn't go away with a bottle of face cleanser and cream.  I bet he didn't religiously use this cream.  The 'cyst' didn't want to leave him, so no the cream didn't work OK.  He left it there on my dressing table.

Then I got annoyed with this little pimple that I've been playing with on my forehead.  I've been meaning to apply the cream, but given my 'busy' schedule (yeah right) I keep forgetting.  Until last Monday morning, when I was getting ready for work.  I applied this cream, just very thin layer of it and apply my normal skin moisturizer to the rest of the skin.  I basically left this spot with the acne cream with just that.  So when I applied my compact powder I did the same, left this part out.  Yeah it did look kinda weird, but what wouldn't a woman do for a baby smooth skin, huh? 

What I didn't realise until last night (Tuesday night) was that something (the pimple) which had been with me for months had disappeared.  Miracle?  No.  The Thursday Plantation!  It must be it!  Now I sort of miss the pimple, cause I used to 'play' with it when thinking at work.  LOL. 

I think you might wana give it a try.  The cream doesn't feel oily and is transparent in colour.  It doesn't smell bad either, it smells, well like any facial cream would be.  It feels slight cold when you apply it, yepp it is cooling.  I got this from Guardian, can't remember how much because it was back in November 2011 if I can remember.  I think around RM30 or lower due to some promotion, I got this with the facial cleanser for Mr Hubby.  If you think your skin might react, apply a small amount at one spot first.  Remember, what's good for others may not necessarily be good for you.  Everyone's skin is different ya?

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