Thursday, April 05, 2012

Goodbye Natrulift, it didn't work for us....

When I was yet to replenish my Clinique facial cleanser, I decided to give Natrulift by Body Shop a try.  When I visited my local Body Shop they didn't have any travel pack so I had to purchase the normal 100g tube for RM68.  I didn't buy anything else as I had two bottles of Natrulift moisturising cream at home which I got as free gift when I replenished my Body Butter and others.  The rude shop assistant in Cheras Selatan had turned me off from buying seriously so that one tube was all I got that night.  

Natrulift is a skin firming range by Body Shop.    The product range has day cream, night cream, cleanser, toner, serum and softening cream cleanser.  These organic pomegranate products smell really great, I mean REALLY good (as always, Body Shop's products are very natural and likeable, and yummmy too)!!!  

However the result was not satisfying for me (even though the Sales Assistant had proudly said that ALL of them in Body Shop Cheras Selatan are using these range).  After 3 days of using, I had this huge pimple on my nose :(.  It was like being a teenager again, even though I did not have any pimple as a teenager.  Now I am back to using Clinique, I had stopped using Natrulift after a week.  

The cleanser, has this clean sensation when used.  So that was a plus point for me, at first since I love foamy products.  I think I could be sensitive to the fragrance since I noticed that all of the products I used did not have any fragrance (Neutrogena, Simple, Clinique).  They are also not the foamy type you know.

Another thing that I think I was alergic to was the firming day cream.  Since it is a cream instead of lotion, it feels very oily and thick.  It was a bit hard to apply too as compared to lotion.  So maybe this cream type does not suit me :-(

Too bad it didn't work between us Natrulift.  I am sure you've found companion in other women, better women.  As for me I will stick to my Clinique normal to dry combination skin range.  They work best for now.  Besides at this age I am too afraid for 'trial and error' as pimple doesn't look great or cool on ya.  Not on your nose.  Very distracting.

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