Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Happy anniversary darling...

So tomorrow is 3 years of our marriage.  August also mark the ninth years we are together.  Baru 9 tahun, kan, and many years to come inshaAllah.  Kalau ingat saat mula- mula kenal dulu... dan zaman- zaman bercinta dulu... Alahai.  He actually thought the sight of me mencuci tingkap (masa kerja kat kedai 24 hours convenience store) was cute.  I bet he doesn't think that now hehehe.  Teringat jugak our first date, and since that first date memang dah tau I wana see him again.

Malas nak buat entry banyak- banyak... Just wana tell you I still love like all those years, despite our differences.  In fact I love you more everyday.  Thank you sayang for being there for me, jadi tempat mengadu, my shoulders to cry on.  There's no one like you (Even though at times bila marah I thought that your life's purpose is to annoy me, :p ).  I won't exchange this life with you for anything.  I won't exchange you for anything.  InshaAllah semoga jodoh kita dipanjangkan hingga hujung nyawa....

Nak imbas balik kenangan dulu-dulu melalui gambar :-) Sekarang dah bertiga, takde gambo berdua dah :-(

and some of our wedding photos here, http://diana-am.blogspot.com/search/label/Malay%20Wedding

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