Monday, October 08, 2012

Two of them..

Nampak tak... dua anakku...
Saje lah nak update kat sini, setelah menimbulkan kekecohan di facebook dengan status propa.  Hehehe.  I mentioned  my 'double' blessings and everybody could guessed what I was on about.  Gitulah the cyber world.  Yang awak excited sangat mengupdate kat FB kenapa... Sebab tak sangka akan mendapat sambutan dan well- wishes sedemikian dari kawan- kawan dan saudara- mara.  Anyway, thank you all for the well wishes :-)
Errr cerita apa ni?  Macam ni... on Saturday I made an appointment with Dr Anita Rina (KPMC) for my pre-natal follow up.  Aduhai although konon- nyer ber appointment kol 2pm, almost 3pm baru dapat jumpa sebab ramai and nombor kita dah kebelakang - belakang.  Anyway, after waiting for almost one hour, doctor did the normal check ups and of course scan la.
Ha tu dia, masa scan tu aku memang tergelak dan menangis (gembira), walaupon tak tau apa yang dilihat mula- mula.  Until the doctor then said, 'EH sayang... you ni ada twins la sayang... you tengok tu, two hearts, two of them'... Errrr, respon aku mula- mula adalah 'saye takde keturunan twin la doc...' (Which of course baru tau belah husband ada, and belah arwah tok, dua pupu tok pon ade, but come on what are the odds).  Tapi tulah, percaya jugalah dah kata doctor begitu. 
Antara persoalan berlegar dalam kepala:
- mampukah aku bersalin normal nanti?  Oh please please Allah, give me the strength, the body strength and spiritually to be strong throughout this two process.
- breastfeeding, selain dari teknik yang kena dipelajari, can you imagine waking up to feed two babies at the same time?
- day care?
- expenses, means we gotta have two of everything... termasuk expenses bersalin nanti.
- the current car won't fit.
- Daddy also mentioned that he won't be able to share our bed anymore hahahaha.  Imagine, Mom, Dad, a toddler and twins?
- Will I be able to handle this emotionally?
- We gotta think of two names too...
- Errr this means double crying lah right.
But then again, why all the questions.  Allah gives for a reason, and if He takes it is also for a reason.  Only He, the Almight knows what is best for me.  All I should do is pray, and be strong. 
Ermm so agaknye betoi lah carrying two?  Hubby has agreed for a second opinion.  Nanti kita pergi.  Tapi kalo tengok gambar ultrasound, memang ada dua.  Entah lah, I find it hard to believe myself.  But if yes, I am grateful for He must have given me these rezkis for a reason.  And if not, there must be hikmah behind it too. 
The difference between these pregnancy as compared to last one yang menguatkan lagi kepercayaan?
- I already put on 2 kgs for the past 2 months.
- I feel super tired, the exhaustion you cannot compare to my previous pregnancy.
- Triple mabuk.
- Triple lost of appetite.
- Sangat- sangat mengah (hubby said, even time tidur pon dia tengok aku mengah).
- I feel that this pregnancy is very much more painful than the last.
Apa pun, doakan keselamatan kami anak- beranak.  Semoga anak- anak dalam keadaan sihat dan subur.  Dan semoga maknye pon sihat (bukan gemuk yer) tapi sihat....


Sobah Mariana Omar said...

U can do it Di... If yes u also maybe boleh dapat cucu kembar jugak..

Wah... berganda2.. scan pic takde ker ? Boleh tgk how twin it is kan ?

Diana Abdul Molok said...

tu, twins i nampak tak maria, dah upload gambar kat atas :-)

Sobah Mariana Omar said...

Nampak2.. Subhanallah... 2 kantung la...

Mak Lin said...

waa~~twins! congrats!

Kit said...

Wow, this is such a cool ultrasound!

I believe that you will be fun - your faith in God is strong and you've got such a funny and supportive Hubby :)

God bless you and your cuties!

Diana Abdul Molok said...

@CikSuzlin: thank u dear :-)

@Kit: thanks, am hoping for the best. May all go well.