Friday, December 28, 2012

Mothercare membership not active

Dah banyak kali dah menghadapi bad experience di Mothercare The Curve.  Maybe I should stop shopping there, kan?  I think it is obvious signs.  Masalahnya terpegi juga tu sebab nak beli botol and teat Tommee Tippee.  Kalau lah ada jual di Jusco.  Uh uh.  Dan juga kadang- kadang baju mereka yang comel- comel dan on sale.   
This time around, sekali lagi tak dapat nak collect point pada members card.  Reason?  Card was inactive.  Can you believe that the card was not yet activated after several complaints.  Yang buat jadi hangin sangat- sangat masa tu adalah attitude budak cashier tu.
Twice aku hulurkan members card aku untuk dia swipe.  Know what she did?  Dia tolak, she said it's ok.  Then when I was about to pay, she asked, 'akak ada members card nak collect point ke?'.  I replied, 'iye, habis dari tadi I bagi kad ni dekat u nak buat apa... saja- saja?'.  She did not apologise, malahan membuat kerja dengan lembab sekali dan muka tiada senyuman.  That was OK lagi,
Then she said, 'kad tak boleh pakai. Expired kot???'.  I told her, 'no, check behind the card it is not expired until 2015'.  Then she went, 'ohhhh.'  Bila check, memang la confirm kad tak active.  I asked them if they can activate it now, or put in the points later.  The girl said no, they need to go into the system and blah blah blahh, which I think was actually because they didn't know what to do.  I blurted out, 'stupid, you guys are really stupid do you know that???'. 
Bila bagitau Hubby he said if it was him, he wouldn't have paid, and would've told them I want to cancel my purchase instead.  Good idea darling, I will do that next time.

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